Astonishingly Low Winning Price For Gold Coin on Pricebenders...!

I was monitoring tonights first ever Pricebenders Gold Coin penny auction tonight. I  was expecting the auction to go above $20 for the Chinese Panda gold coin (worth $83.55 USD).

As often happens when I "monitor" an auction, I keep working on other sites, blogs or forums or whatever, and get immersed in my work only to discover that the auction has finished! So much for my "monitoring"!

That's what happened tonight, and the winner got hold of a Chinese Gold Panda coin for just $3.24 with free shipping thrown in as well. INCREDIBLE!!

If you'd like to try and pick up some incredible bargains on the Pricebenders penny auctions, here is the link to the Pricebenders website (it's free to join).

Yours, green with envy,

David Hurley

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