TripleClick's Multiple Ways To Earn Money Online, Working From Home

TripleClicks is not just another online auction site; there are so many different ways that you can earn money with this amazing site. This HubPage will briefly discuss each of the different ways possible to make money with TripleClicks with other HubPages to come soon that will go more in-depth on each of the different topics; first though a little background on the site.
Launched in 2009 TripleClicks is owned by SFIMG (Strong Futures International Marketing Group), a very successful home business program which helps individuals start their own home business for free. TripleClicks allows users to list anything; whether its yard sale junk, downloadable content, even businesses can list their products. There's also a place for musicians to upload their songs and compete for the song of the month and gain fans worldwide from the over 1.5 million users worldwide who are members of TripleClicks. If advertising is your thing you can even choose to promote other peoples products for a commission; choosing from the over 60,000 products at time of writing and growing daily. The possibilities are nearly endless.

ECA (E-Commerce Associates) Program

TripleClick's ECA program is designed with businesses in mind. It allows commercial sellers to list their products both alongside TripleClicks other products and by themselves via their own special T-Connect website. This is a great opportunity, one that I myself continue to capitalize on as a seller myself. There are two ways that you can make money with the ECA program.
The first way is by referral. SFI's Training Center offers one of the most in depth and extensive libraries that will teach and show you all of the best ways to refer and be successful.
The second way to earn money is to sign up to the program yourself. Even if you don't have any products of your own to list, don't worry. Drop shipping is a way for the retailer (You) to not have to have products in stock but rather to list other people's products (wholesalers & distributors), with a mark-up of course, and when the item has been sold then you buy it from them and ship it out to the customer. The nice thing about drop shipping is you never have to handle any merchandise and the customer doesn't know the product isn't yours. The wholesalers that you buy it from will ship it out either by private label, meaning the merchandise is shipped out from the manufacturer with your customized return address, or by blind shipping, meaning there's no return address at all. Google 'drop shipping websites' and make sure you research the company extensively before committing to them as some are better than others. I will go more in depth with drop shipping in futures Hubpages.

TripleClick's Free Listing Program

Do you have stuff laying around your house, in closets, the garage or attic? With TripleClicks you can convert this clutter into the cash you need, quickly and easily. Now normally, to list an item on TripleClicks the customer has to spend something called a TCredit which can be used to either list an item or make a bid on one of TripleClicks PriceBender Penny Auctions. TCredits cost anywhere from $1.99 for a single credit to only $0.29 each when you buy a 200 pack. With the Free Listing Program new customers to TripleClicks can list their first item for free.
New customers are given a TCredit by the referring affiliate so that they can see the true advantage to listing on TripleClicks and to get them signed up. Also, a little hint: if you sign up to SFI and complete the 30 day training, which you can complete quicker if you want, and correctly answer some easy multiple choice questions you will receive 50 TCredits which you can use to list more items, refer new customers or both.

Join the Wave3

The Wave3 program is an easy way to earn lots of great bonuses with TripleClicks. The starter kit itself is free just pay $1.95 S&H. You get a TripleClicks bumper sticker and some business cards shown to the right. Once you put the bumper sticker on your car, upload a picture to TripleClicks and that's it, your done! As soon as they receive your photograph you will get your first 5 TCredits and 50 MRP (Member Reward Points), which can be used to buy items. Just complete a short survey during the last 10 days of each month to continue receiving your bonuses.

TripleClicks Artist Of The Month Contest

The versatility of TripleClicks continues to amaze me, yes they even offer a section for Musicians. With over 1.5 million members in over 225 countries artists have exposure to a huge international market.
Artists receive a FREE customized artist 'TConnect' website where they can upload all their original songs, previously recorded or newly written just for the contest. They can also upload any of their merchandise, tickets, etc. for sale. It's also a great way to communicate with fans and build a bigger fanbase.
TripleClicks members will vote for their favorite song beginning the first day of each month. A free download of their song is included for the voter. Yes, your songs are free for the voters but that allows them to spread your songs all around the world building an international TripleClicks fanbase who will buy tickets and merchandise.
To sign up or to just check out the FAQ section CLICK HERE.

Advanced Marketers

For the more advanced marketer who has the ability to directly generate sales; you may want to advertise individual products that SFI provides for a very generous commission package, which only gets bigger the farther you advance and move up the levels of SFI.
I could write dozens of Hubpages on the benefits of TripleClicks and SFI and will definitely go much further into detail all of the topics discussed above in future articles but for now take my advice and sign up FREE for this great opportunity called TripleClicks. You will not regret it, I didn't and I'm making a paycheck every week from them.

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